Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It started simply enough; little expectation for the week and a recipe.

DRY ACTIVE YEAST, a key factor.


Letting it rise. This took a longer time than expected; apparently a recipe with a large amount of sugar takes longer to rise. Salt can also kill yeast. It is a sensitive baking aid, and I appreciate it not only for it's magical ways, but also it's need for specificity. It is simple, a single-celled organism, which can actually come back to life by simply adding water.
It can even blow balloons!
It is very satisfying to leave the dough for a few hours LIKE THIS:

And lifting the cup-towel to find something beautiful and risen:

Rolling it out.

We used recently purchased number cookie cutters.

Initially, I had fear of a second grease-fire. Keeping it slow and low, I kept a close watch.

Frying it up.



Genuine enjoyment.

THIS WAS NOT STAGED. A perfect ten.

Pretty smart little donut friends.

Donut Buddy.

Donut buddy, jamming it out.
Wow, it worked!

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